Structure & Roles

The guild is divided in three layers, with about a fifth of the players in trusted roles and the rest as regular members, with a few new recruits from time to time. This setup prevents abuse by restricting access to guild materals, gold and silver, and prevent reputation issues by requiring all new recruits to play with us from a different guild name until we get to know each other.

We have three guild commanders, and plenty of guild officers.

  • Guild leaders avatar.
    TinyHeart Founder, Guild Leader
  • Left Hands avatar.
    Arangar Advisor, The Right Hand
  • Right Hands avatar.
    WinoDrah Advisor, Master of Coin

Community & Communication

The guild communicates by text using the alliance chat, to ensure that new recruits are treated as regular members despite being in a separate guild for the recruitment period. When appropiate we also use voicechat in our tiny discord server together with our allies.

We are speaking english for the official events, but using voice chat is not mandatory.

Location & Markets

The guild has settled down in Thetford in the swamp biome. We intend to find a niche community and market where our production and the competition for resources matters.

We are currently located in: Thetford, on the Royal Island.

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Weekly Events & Guild Quests

The guild encourages supportive teamplay rather than competetive play and to this end we hold weekly events designed to help our members progress, earn silver, train PvP and explore the world. These events are held exclusively in the weekends to ensure that most member will be able to participate even if they have day-time jobs and/or families to care for.

The guild sometimes issues quests and sets up goals that help give meaning to the repetetive grinding and help members to revisit earlier parts of the game while helping new players progress.

Our events are held at varying times to ensure the best possible access for an international community.

Artwork featuring guild interactions.

Fees & Taxes

The guild provides services and values to its members entirely free of charge. We may sometime add temporary fees and taxes ranging from 0% to 50% when the guild needs more silver than aquired through voluntary donations in order to further the guild and its members progress.

We currently have a service fee of 0% and a guild tax of 0%.

  • Upgrade the guild
  • Provide PvP gear
  • Pay warcosts
  • Feed services
  • Support members
  • Quests & Events

War & Combat

The guild knows its limits and choses to run a slow and steady race. To this end we will try to take a suitable number of territories and only expand when we have appropiate infrastructure in place to support the new territories with food, buildings and other resources.

We currently have no territory, but are planning to take one soon(tm).

Image of our guild hall.


Farming is a critical part of the game infrastructure. It provides the food necessary to sustain crafting stations and territories, as well as providing various player buffs to help combat, gathering and crafting. In order to supply our farmers with enough plots, we encourage our members to open up their private islands and share the farm plots with the guild farmers.

To open up and share your island, give visitor rights to a farmer and then set the farm plots to public.

Artwork featuring farming.


Gathering is a crucial part of the game economy and we encourage all our members to go on daily gathering runs to various places and to explore the world. We hold regular gathering events that help the guild grow so we can upgrade our buildings and help our dedicated crafters.

Excess resources can be donated to the guild by storing them in the chests in our guild hall.

Artwork featuring gathering.


We encourage our members to take up one or more lines of crafting and help them level these crafts by providing materials, crafting stations and regular crafting events, in which we produce equipment, mounts and consumables for our members.

Our crafters are currently able to craft tier 5 and lower of our relevant equipment.

Artwork featuring crafting.

Buildings & Labourers

The guild uses several islands in order to provide all crafting and refining stations as well as labourers of all types. We also provide our members with free books and storage of full books.

We build up extra space for labourers as demand for them comes, but strive to have at least 3 of each.

Image of our guild hall.